Video Production | On-Stage VJ
Video production & on-stage VJ performance with the band.

"Within" is a music piece performed by Berklee Valencia students in Las Naves - Espacio Cultural, back in April 2019. The performance was part of the "Discover-i" concert, a concert which was based on the collaboration between students from the four different Berklee Valencia graduate programs. The concept of "Within" is the addictions in our everyday life. It was composed by producers Jason Faust and Sean Meade and was instrumented with drums, keys, harp, vocals along with visuals and dancing.

Being inside our own minds is, for most of us, a deeply anxiety-inducing prospect. When was the last time we were able to sit alone in a room with our own thoughts without distraction, free associating, daring to wander into the past and the future, allowing to feel pain, desire, regret and excitement? "Within" performance unfolded these concerns into a six minute audio/visual experience.

My contribution to the project was to record videos, or create visuals in order to perform them live on-stage along with the band. Most of the material was recorded with a DSLR camera in a period of one month, and post-processed within a few days. My decision was to make subtle processing at this stage, having in mind that most if the effects would be applied live on-stage. Finally, for the live performance, the videos were arranged in smaller clips - ready to be played.



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