WhoMadeWho UUUU Album Tour

Benaki Museum : Athens :: Greece
Visuals : Projection Mapping

WhoMadeWho presented their album 'UUUU' at the Benaki Museum, accompanied by a unique visual experience inspired by the album's artistic direction. We created a diverse array of visuals that fused the WMW logos with an assortment of colors, objects, shapes, and formations, all intricately intertwined. These visuals were projected onto the beautiful atrium of the Benaki Museum, complementing the venue's ambiance. Additionally, the video direction was carefully coordinated with our stage lighting design to ensure a cohesive and immersive experience.

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Event: Full Circle

Music: ManWithTheSpeaker, MAARKK, WhoMadeWho

Visuals:  Morphē

Projection Mapping: Morphē

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