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"Throughout the day, and especially at night, events occur that instantly capture our attention, sparking the beginning of stories. The perfect canvas for developing and dramatizing these stories is the inside of our minds, an ideal stage.

Hidden behind the veil of ordinary, mundane everyday life are otherworldly creatures and individuals who dwell in self-imposed exile within their fantasies, tethered to obsessive ideas, stoically surrendered to the whims of their own minds.

As the lights dim and our eyelids become a comforting shroud of darkness, the stage within our heads transforms into a universe that is both dark and bright, ridiculous and tragic, profoundly superficial, fueled by boredom and futility.

From ordering a cup of coffee - with its hidden political dimension - to chance encounters with aliens in ancient Greece, or the sensual embrace of a thumb by a Super Retina XDR OLED touch screen, and other playful musings of the unconscious mind, all of this unfolds alongside a musical backdrop.

Yiannis Niarros, accompanied by two musicians on stage, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Dimitris Klonis, weaves together these strange stories at the Simeio theater starting from January 15th. It is an inextricable blend of reality and fantasy, an associative chain reaction leading to a textual and sonic universe, drawing inspiration from the works of Panos Koutroubousis and Julio Cortázar."

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Conception-Script-Direction: Yiannis Niarros

Dramaturgy/Direction Collaboration: Chara-Mata Giannatou

Music Composition: Yiannis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Klonis

Sound Recording, Sound Design: Giorgos Myzithras

Real-time Video: Vasilis Malamas

Set-Costume Design: Gina Iliopoulou, Lina Stavropoulou

Set Paintings: BOEM

Show Sketches: Panos Koutroubousis

Cast: Yiannis Niarros, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Klonis, Giorgos Myzithras

Promo Photos and Editing: Gely Kalampaka

Graphic Designer: Maria Yarmeniti

Promo Video: Yiannis Gismo Bereris

Communication & Press Office: Maria Tsolaki

Advertising-Social Media: RENEGADE MEDIA, Vasilis Zarkadoulas

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