Leafy Faces

Outdoor Location : Athens :: Greece
Visuals : Lights :: Projections

Full Circle relocated to the northern suburbs of Athens for an electrifying dance event that lasted until the early hours of the morning. Our goal was to completely transform the atmosphere by surrounding the DJ booth with pulsating lights and adding an extra layer of ambiance with strategically placed smoke machines. However, the highlight of our setup was undoubtedly the projection of photorealistic 3D faces onto the surrounding trees.

As the night progressed, our visual display became the focal point of the event, blending technology seamlessly with the natural environment. The lifelike faces, projected onto the tree branches, captivated attendees and added an intriguing element to the party atmosphere. Synced with the music, these visuals enhanced the overall experience, creating a memorable night of dancing and immersion in the heart of the northern suburbs of Athens.

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Event: Full Circle

Creative Director:  Dinos Psychogios

Visuals:  Morphē

Projection Mapping: Morphē

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