Interactive LED Structure

Custom Light Installation : Design & Assembly :: Software

Once again, Full Circle organized a notorious party featuring the infamous DJ trio Keine Musik (Adam Port, &ME, Rampa). We had the opportunity to showcase our custom-made creation of controllable neon-looking tubes for the first time. The installation displays Full Circle's logo, which can be programmed to run an unlimited number of lighting patterns and can even be used as an interactive installation by the audience.

"The custom LED installation we created is a captivating fusion of technology and design, offering an interactive experience that is as engaging as it is innovative. At the heart of this installation are LED tubes meticulously arranged to form a distinctive logo, which not only serves as a visual centerpiece but also as an interactive canvas. As observers move in front of the installation, a fascinating feature comes to life: their silhouettes are mirrored onto the LED sign, creating a dynamic interaction between the artwork and its audience. This interaction not only enhances the visual appeal of the logo but also invites participants to become an integral part of the installation, creating a unique and personal connection with the artwork. The LED installation stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that emerge when technology meets art, offering a memorable experience that blurs the line between observer and participant."

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Logo Design: BOEM

Manufacture: Chrisma

Design: Morphē

Art Direction: Dinos Psychogios

Software: Morphē, Dinos Psychogios

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