Interactive Kaleidoscope

Twist Museum : London :: UK
Visuals : System :: Sound Design

The installation, titled "Interactive Kaleidoscope," situated in London's Twist Museum, is a captivating, immersive experience that invites visitors to step inside a large-scale kaleidoscope. This innovative project combines traditional elements of a kaleidoscope with cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic, interactive art piece. Upon entering the installation, individuals find themselves surrounded by a series of strategically placed mirrors, reflecting patterns and colors in every direction, mimicking the interior of a traditional kaleidoscope.

What sets this installation apart are its interactive components. It is equipped with sensors that detect movement and changes in the environment, allowing the visual and auditory experience to evolve in response to the actions and decisions of the participants. This means that no two visits inside the kaleidoscope are the same; each movement or interaction triggers unique changes in the video and soundscapes, making the experience highly personal and constantly surprising.

The video elements are projected in such a way that they seamlessly integrate with the reflected patterns, enhancing the kaleidoscopic effect. The sound design is equally adaptive, with music and effects altering based on the interactions within the space, further enriching the immersive quality of the installation.

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Lead Artist/Technical Director: Aristotle Roufanis

Technical Supervisor: Elburz Sorkhabi

UE Supervisor: Daryl Atkins

Real-time Graphics: Aristotle Roufanis, Vassilis Malamas, Daryl Atkins

Software Development: Aristotle Roufanis, Vassilis Malamas

3D Graphics: Stavros Pritsiolas

Music Composition: Scott Mann

Sound Design: Vassilis Malamas

Project Partners

Creative Director: Simon Sankarayya

Production: MDM Create / Cate Kappler

Technical Consultancy: Artists & Engineers Ltd / Louis Mustill

AV Integration: Crossover AV Ltd

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