343 Labs Berlin Showcase

Riverside Studios : Berlin :: Germany
Visuals : Projection Mapping

At the 343 Labs music showcase hosted in Berlin's Riverside Studios, we had the opportunity to merge the auditory with the visual, enhancing the event with carefully designed visuals and projection mapping. The project focused on creating a series of visuals that were harmoniously synchronized with the music, tailored to augment the performances. Utilizing a single projector and six canvases, we crafted an immersive visual narrative that projected across the venue, adding depth and dimension to the musical experience.

The challenge was to maximize the impact with a minimalist setup—leveraging one projector to animate six canvases with precision. The visuals enriched the showcase, offering the audience a more engaging experience and demonstrating effective use of space and technology to elevate the atmosphere of live performances.

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Visuals: Morphē

Projection Mapping: Morphē

Lighting: Mohammed Karssli

Space: Riverside Studios

Music: 343 Labs

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