Polysplit operator divides an existing polygon into multiple new polygons.

We have this box:

Shortest Distance

We can create new polygons by splitting edges:

If we hit select Close Path, we connect the created point to the first point:

We can also enable Edge Snap and with scrolling with the MMB we can have an indicator on how the edge is divided:

So far we create points onto edges. We can create new points on primitives by selecting Allow Split Points on Faces:

By enabling Quad Autocompletion, Houdini inserts an extra cut to produce quads in two common cases where a split across the corner of a quad would create an N-sided polygon.

In the following illustration, the red dotted lines are new edges that Quad autocompletion will automatically insert if you make the yellow cuts, to prevent the larger area from becoming an N-sided polygon.

Split Locations

When we manually create new points in the viewport Houdini automatically inserts the location in the Split Locations parameter. We can hard type the locations based on the following rules:

Cut at vertex of a primitive

(Primitive) v (Vertex)


Cut at the midpoint of edge

(Primitive) e (Edge)


Cut at some percent along an edge

(Primitive) e (Edge) : (Percentage)  


Cut at given UV location of a primitive

(Primitive) f : (u,v)


Cut at the midpoint of the edge between points



Cut at some percentage along an edge between points

(Point)a-b : (percentage)


Edge Loop

With Edge Loop enabled we can loop and create points along volumes and surfaces:

With Match Profile on we can drag the edge loops:

Switch Profile flips/switch the edge loops from the other side:

Very useful parameter is the Edge Percentage as it locks the percentage of the edge were the loops are created on:

We can also create groups of the new Edges:

Polysplit has two inputs. With the second input we can create a polygon, this polygon is being projected onto the object of the first input. Houdini then creates points on the surfaces:

Last, we need to clarify that the Polysplit does not work with Polylines (we need Edge Divide for this task):

It works with Polygons: